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Operating one of the most modern crane rental fleets in Western Canada takes the best equipment with up-to-date, computer-controlled technology. Niwa Crane Ltd. operates a fleet of 12 cranes, based out of our crane services in Medicine Hat and ready for your use in South and Central Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our newest addition to our fleet of truck cranes is an ATC 3210 LB Link-Belt. It is at the top of its class when it comes to 210-ton class cranes. With outstanding lifting capacity, transportability, and maneuverability, our largest crane, ATC 3210 provides you with 201 feet of full-power main boom with a maximum tip height of 325 feet. We also have specialized cranes with our Mammoet partnership.

The Niwa Crane - Mammoet Canada Alliance Works for You

If your project requires larger equipment, we have that covered too. We maintain a business alliance with Mammoet Canada. One of the largest crane rental companies in the world, Mammoet has branches here in Canada, and handles all of Niwa’s larger lifts and also provides engineering services.

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